These pages are dedicated to those many superb South African classical singers, who deserve to be known better in the international world of opera.

This list of South African classical singers is not complete or comprehensive enough, but it will be growing over time.  It is an almost impossible task for me to ensure that 'everyone' is listed, as I may not even be aware of some of the South African classical singers who deserve to be listed.  Therefore, I apologise to any worthy singer whose name has not (yet) been listed.  I will really appreciate any contribution towards the development and improvement (in terms of quality, quantity, and completeness) of these pages.  Please also let me know of any errors or incorrect information.  Contributions can be sent to this e-mail address:

Note that not all the singers listed here were born in South Africa.  However, such singers are listed because they have either moved to South Africa to settle there fairly early in their lives (and in many cases, became South African citizens), or spent the vast majority of their careers (in some cases, their entire singing careers) in South Africa, or made substantial and major contributions to the South African classical music and opera industry.

I wish to acknowledge with sincere thanks the invaluable support I am receiving from so many helpers, and in particular I owe a lot to Miranda Kark Beckenstein, Jacques Franken, Wynand du Plessis, Brian Castles-Onion, Johan Kotze, Marita Knobel, Mike Richter, and Henning Viljoen in the development of this site.  For links to other related web sites, click here (material for some of the singers featured in this site have been sourced from some of these sites and acknowledged on the relevant pages).

I hope you enjoy these pages, and the sound files (where available)!  And please don't forget to sign the Guest Book at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

This web site is maintained by André Wium

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